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Miller Ross  Goldman is an A BBB Accredited Business Miller Ross  Goldman is an A BBB Accredited Business
Because Our Valued Clients Are More Qualified To Tell You About Us:

"I had to write this letter to tell you how much I appreciate your excellent commercial collection services.  In addition to traditional collections, your expertise in credit management has been invaluable to our company.  All in all, this is one area of the business that I know is being handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. Miller, Ross & Goldman is a true partner."    
Lori G., Chief Financial Officer

"I felt compelled to write you and let you know how relieved and excited we are to have finally found a commercial collection agency that actually performs above our expectations.  I've been a credit manager for many years and have dealt with many collection agencies.  You're the only one that promised us the moon, sun and stars, and actually delivered!  Our experience with other debt collectors has been frustrating based both on their poor performance and their knowledge of the rental services industry, or lack thereof.  Your ability to "speak our language", quickly and efficiently get to the root of the issues hindering payment, and produce a successful outcome in a short amount of time has been an uplifting and rewarding experience for us.  If there is anything I can ever do to assist you with other potential client relationships, especially in the rental services industry, please don't hesitate to ask."   
Carol R., Credit Manager

"I would like to take the time to thank your firm for its' outstanding results on our commercial collection accounts.  I can tell you that we have been very pleased with the expeditious collection of our past-due customers.  The professionalism and eagerness that has been exhibited by your staff is exemplary and we look forward to doing continued business with Miller, Ross & Goldman."    
Jennifer. N., Collections Director

"I just wanted to tell you how excited our Commercial Division is about your staff's continued collection success with our accounts.  We're blown away!  We've used several collection agencies before Miller, Ross & Goldman and you guys are far exceeding their results, as well as our expectations.  Keep it up!  I'll spread the word every chance I get!"    
Jeff H., Collections Manager

"I would like to thank you for the collection services you have provided us with.  This was the easiest process of collections we have ever experienced: very timely with great communication and understanding.  You have done a marvelous and painless job for us.  We will certainly use Miller, Ross & Goldman in the future and refer our friends and associates."    
Felix and Mila B., Owners

"Thank you for your recent advice on our unique situation.  It is certainly reassuring to know that we have a trusted resource that is quick to respond to our needs.  Combined with the recent collection you made on our behalf, your firm has a perfect record with us.  We appreciate your professionalism and timeliness and will certainly contact you when future needs arise."    
Tim N., Controller

"Thanks so much for taking over the most difficult part of our business - collecting bad debts!  You've taken the misery out of facing these problems, and in fact make it a good experience when we call on your services because we know the money will come back to us.  Bad debt collection is just part of the business now. Thanks for making it as painless as possible."    
Brian S., Owner

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent level of service that Miller, Ross & Goldman has provided to us.  After many frustrating years of dealing with mediocre commercial collection firms, we're so happy that we found you!  Your staff's ability to handle virtually every single past-due account we've ever sent you is absolutely amazing...you do you do it?  That's okay, you don't really have to tell me, just keep doing it!  Should you ever need a client reference from me, please don't hesitate to ask.  You've done a great job making my job easier , so if I can help you with any potential clients, I'm happy to."   
Cheryl D. CFO

"Miller, Ross & Goldman is the only commercial collections firm our company has found that truly delivers what they promise.  We've used 6 other collection agencies and 2 attorneys before being referred to MRG by another satisfied Client.  We made the mistake of choosing a vendor solely based on fees.  What a mistake!  We learned quickly that 18% of $0 is $0!  It's amazing what happens when you find true professionals to support your business."    
Martha A., Credit Manager

"I have to say, in the beginning I was very reluctant to involve a collections firm.  I had a client who owed me a substantial amount of money, but was keeping up-to-date on all current projects.  In addition, the business owner is a good friend.  I was concerned that to pursue the past-due balance could spoil our current business relationship and jeopardize being considered on any future projects.  Our worse, I could lose a good friend.  When I spoke with Mike Ross at Miller, Ross & Goldman, he assured me that this was their "niche", and they specialized in salvaging business relationships.  This was a relief to me, by only time would tell if this could actually be accomplished.  Mike negotiated a realistic resolution for both of us.  But, most important, he impressed both me and my friend/business associate.  In fact, my friend actually went out of his way to tell me how respectful Mike was in negotiating this deal.  I am now talking with my friend again, and still doing business with his company.  I feel our relationship , both business and personal, has improved tremendously now that I have no resentments to carry.  Thanks for giving me closure to this chapter of my life so I can focus on moving on!"    
Mark G., Owner

"I would like to commend you for the excellent collection services you have provided to our company.  Your firm produces good results at reasonable rates in a very timely manner.  We will certainly use you in the future and refer you to any friends/associates."    
David S., CFO

"I was a little skeptical about using an outside firm to help us with our problem Accounts Receivable, but after a very successful trial run and exceptional results since then, we remain extremely pleased with Miller, Ross & Goldman.  We now use MRG on all our past-due accounts without hesitation.  I am most pleased by the ease of contacting Mike when I have a question or need information.  MRG has my highest recommendation." 
James S., Owner   

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding collection performance you have provided to our company.  Being new to outsourcing, I had heard all the horror stories involving 3rd party collections.  That being said, working with Miller, Ross & Goldman has been great.  Communications with us has been fantastic.  So far, thanks to MRG, we've been able collect on many accounts I never thought were recoverable.  You have done a marvelous and painless job for us.  We will certainly use Miller, Ross & Goldman exclusively in the future and happily refer our friends and associates." 
Dirk S., Accounting Manager

"Mr. Mike Ross, as nervous as I was about turning over our sizeable collection accounts to your company, you and your staff have done an excellent job proving our decision was justified.  I'm amazed at how quickly you've learned to speak our language even on fairly complex issues.  We're most impressed and have referred your company to several of our business partners.  Keep up the great work because we know we'll need you at least until this economy straightens out." 
Steven T., President 

"In my long career in corporate credit management and my many experiences with collection agencies and collection attorneys, I have never felt compelled to write a performance-based letter of appreciation. Until now!  I must say, after several years of consistently exceptional performance, Miller, Ross & Goldman continues to "wow" us. Your expertise in the successful recovery of so many of our past-due accounts all over the U.S. has been nothing short of remarkable. The fact that you've implemented successful collection strategies on such a broad range of situations has proven time-and-time again that my decision to hire MR&G has indeed been a key factor in preserving the financial performance of our distressed A/R. Please let your entire staff know how much we appreciate all their hard work. If this letter would be helpful in your efforts to develop new client relationships, please feel free to distribute at your discretion. Thanks and keep up the incredible work!" 
Kim B., Corp Credit & Collections Manager

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